Tata Harper Products


This is already a given but I love getting new things especially new skincare products to try and enjoy. I recently got a Tata Harper product; the rejuvenating serum and I have given it a good try.

I have very dry skin (not very but it’s dry) and this product is honestly a lifesaver. Frist thing in the morning I would apply this to my face to keep my skin hydrated before I leave the comfort of my home. The smell is strong, but natural which tells me at least I’m not putting anything harmful and full of fragrances on my skin.  After a couple days of using, my skin felt really soft to the touch and not as dry. The price of this product is SO above my normal budget so I would recommend trying another product that can do the trick and is cheaper.

Following my newest addition to the skincare family, I finally brought out my Tata Harper purifying mask out of retirement. I had gotten this mask a long time ago actually and stopped using it only for the fact that I was scared I was going to run out and not be able to get another one. I REALLY love this mask. It honestly is one of my favorites; it makes me feel so refreshed and cool when I apply it to my skin. It has a nice smell, so it’s always a pleasure to use. I highly recommend trying it out today!